Day Dreaming


Ayelet Riza | Eliko Ner Gaon | Emi Sfard | Etchi Werner Nyiri | Erik Ramot | Dina Goldstein | Noga Yudkovik Etzioni | Lili Fischer | Rani Pardes | Shiree Rafaeli


Curator: Danielle Tzadka Cohen


A dream is a subjective experience of hallucination and sensations while sleeping, of which we have no conscious control. Oftentimes we wish to continue to dream, to stay inside it. The sequence of works in the exhibition asks to suspend the inevitable awakening and allow a second glance, attempting to freeze the stream of apparitions and sensations. A dream is an illusion; it begins and floods us with a sequence of obscure images and exotic destinations: dreamy, bizarre, strange, which on the surface have no connection to reality. Similarly, parts of events, detached from time or place appear. 


The exhibition explores the space between illusion and reality, of daydreaming as an extension of night dreaming, it questions the range between reality and delusional states, between rumination, reflections and daydreaming. Are daydreams an alternative solution to thinking? Studies show that the average man’s brain wanders 30-50% of his waking hours.

Shvil Hamerets 6, Tel Aviv

Mon - Thu 11:00 - 18:00

Fri-Sat 10:00 - 14:00

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