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Join a Tour in Kiryat Hamelacha

Tel Aviv street artist Dede

 Art Tour to the center of Tel-Aviv's Art Scene
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  • Studio visits - visit artists in their private working spaces, get to know what inspires them, and learn about their working process.  

  • Visit Selected Exhibitions shown in emerging and top established galleries in our neighborhood.

  • Explore with us the 'Lab' of Street Art and Graffiti scene and discover some of the most important pieces of work in south Tel Aviv.

    120 ILS Per person

2.5 Hours

Artspace Tel Aviv

The Creative Scene in Kiryat Ha'Melacha
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1.5 Hours

Artspace Tel Aviv

Join a unique and unforgettable tour to discover the many forms of creativity in our vibrant neighborhood; street art and graffiti, galleries, special hubs, cool designers, artists and much more… One of the fun and insightful things to do in Tel Aviv!

 80 ILS Per person

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