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Mariana Riscado
Born: 1985, Lisbon
Graduated with BFA in Sculpture, at Fine arts Faculty, University of Lisbon in 2008;
2007-08 Erasmus exchange scholarship -Facultad de Bellas Artes Universidad de Granada, Spain.
Artist statement
As a sculptor, I'm fascinated by the physical world where everything is connected in a cause-and-effect
In my projects, I explore the sensory side of materials and their physical forces like gravity, flexibility,
balance and weight.
By using materials with different properties and placing them together in a fragile balance, I enhance
their unique characteristics, test their limits, and explore their possibilities. My favorite materials are
non-static, carrying an innate sense of movement in their DNA. These materials include elastics,
rubber, sponge, metal strips, bamboo strips, plaster, and round shapes
My installations are a result of a dialogue between the material and myself, rather than an imposition--I
prefer to play with materials and keep their role active.

Selected exhibitions and awards
“Middle”, solo exhibition, curator: Yair Barak, Art Space TLV, 2021
“lines of thought, group exhibition, Curators: Nir Harmat and Dalia Danon, Gallery 2, Ein Hod, 2022
“More of the Same”, group exhibition, curator: Yair Barak, Art Space TLV, 2022
2010- INOV-ART - International 9-month Scholarship to work with the artist Carla Guagliardi, Berlin

Instagram: Mariana_a_Riscado
Studio: nachlat binyamin 97

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