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/ Moshe Roas


An immense hammock hangs suspended between heaven and earth. Weaving together materials and objects that bear scars of use and longing. This is the central theme in Moshe Roas's exhibition, a temporary condition that threatens to collapse even as it's being built.

Fishing nets, driftwood, rope, woven textile, metal rods, a tortoise shell and more, are materials gathered and collected by the artist around his current home in Jaffa and previous home on the shoreline, all woven together intuitively with no material hierarchy.

Debris expelled from the sea together with domestic and personal materials and items come together to function as organs into which he wishes to breathe life.

The compressed composition and associative bindings created in the main body of work knit together worlds, moments, and the artist's personal iconography into a single sculptural space.

Alongside the sculpture are two prints on material that has also undergone chemical corrosion and reconstruction. In one, a pine cone symbolizing the possibility of the human spirit residing in the brainstem, and in the other a jumbled quote in French written by the artist's grandmother Luna (who suffers from dementia)

Moi je eti joitjor les det, Je voudrai les proverb le plus beau*

The two works seek to raise questions about the presence of consciousness and spirit. They aim to illuminate the spiritual in the face of the material.

Roas attempts to cradle the distorted body and preserve a moment that destined to pass;

a collection of memories, thoughts and emotions sway together creating a force through which moves the process of gathering and binding until something new is created.

This new creation, like human existence, progresses through the world, propelled through time, meta-physical, born, exists, is there.

Curator: Nir Harmat

Photographer: Carmit Hassine

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