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The area of Kiryat Ha’melacha is known for the rare concentration of Studios and Galleries, together with many examples of street art and graffiti, which gives an opportunity for a unique and fascinating inside look into the art scene in Tel Aviv as well as the people involved in it. Our tours revolve around this area and our guides are all artists and curators working and creating in the neighborhood.


‘ArtSpace Tel Aviv’ offers you several tours to choose from; Introduction tours will reveal the artistic wealth in the area and give you a taste of what is there to see, after which you could continue wondering alone equipped with maps given to you during the tour. Studio tours and gallery tours offer you a chance to meet with artists or have deeper understanding of exhibitions. Also, we offer Street Art tours in which we give you a glimpse behind the scene of this world while meeting directly with people from the art scene in Tel Aviv.


If you are celebrating a family event, a friendly gathering or interested in giving your employees a fun experience or you just love art, ‘ArtSpace Tel Aviv’ would love to have you!  We will supply refreshments, plan a tour to your requests and offer you additional lectures and activities to complete the experience.   


You are welcome to join a tour or book a tour made to your request. See you soon!


Tours for groups


This tour will lead the visitor through one of most vibrant and exciting artistic scene in Tel Aviv nowadays – Kiryat Hamelacha district, where one can encounter artists in their studios and visit some of the most unique Israeli galleries nowadays.



Tours for groups


A local guide will walk you through Kiryat Hamelacha, a present-day trend-setting area, offering a large variety of Israeli nowadays street art and graffiti. Topics such as institutionalized art and art margins, local art and global art, different artistic techniques – all of these will be discussed during the tour.

The tour starts with an overview from one of the roofs and continues through this exciting and vibrant area.

Duration: up to two hours

The tour is for groups of 10 and more


Tours on Wednesday, 11 am

visit Artspace Gallery, open studios and street art & graffiti tours.

Price:  80 NIS per person.

Tours on Saturday, 11 am 

visit Artspace Gallery and street art & graffiti tours.

Price: 50 NIS or name-your-own-price. 

  •  depend on pre-registration and the number of participants.

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